Apply / Register

How to apply

  • Download and complete the 2024 field camp application.
  • Send your completed application to Aaron Wood to secure a place in our enrollment.
  • Please indicate in your email whether you are interested in the 3 or 6 credit option.
  • Once you have been tentatively accepted for GEOL 302, you will be given access to a secure online folder containing other required application materials, including a code of conduct, assumption of risk form, and personal health assessment.
  • Please complete the remaining documents as outlined in our application checklist and upload these documents to the secure online folder.
  • Once all application materials are submitted, the lead instructor will approve your registration and initiate a Schedule Change Form, officially registering you for GEOL 302.

Registration for ISU students

ISU students should register through AccessPlus.

Registration for Non-ISU students

Non-ISU students are required to apply online to Iowa State University as “non-degree students”. The entire process should take ~30 minutes or less to complete and will require an application fee.

Before beginning the online registration please contact Aaron Wood to confirm that you will be attending Field Camp and have permission to register.